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The Little Blue Flower in Everyone’s Kitchen

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
Corning Ware is known for its indestructibility, as evidenced by the plethora of Corning dishes, petite pans, menu-ettes and casseroles you will still find in the back of your Mother’s (and Grandmother’s) kitchen cupboards. And, while at times the 1960s and ’70s suffered a lapse in judgement when it came to color in the kitchen (avocado green refrigerator anyone?), the people at Corning stayed in their own class (and a much classier one as well) when they released their signature Blue Cornflower line in 1959.
While other white dishes yellow over time, Corning Ware stays as white as the day it came off the assembly line, and rarely will you find a piece with a faded flower, as the design was baked in, not painted over. When developed, Corning called this product ”Pyroceram” and it was used as the nose cone material for missiles before being gifted to the American kitchen in the form of Cornflower Blue, Spice O’ LifeFrench WhiteBlack Trefoil, and many others.
So raise your menu-ette and toast Corning for choosing peace over war, and to celebrate the 50th birthday (can it really be that old?) of the little blue cornflower. More people than ever are discovering the charms (and practicality!) and so can you, visit our Corning Ware section at So Dishy to browse or start your collection!